In Sarri the quality has always been part of the culture of beauty that inspires each creation. Artistic ceramics and lighting, everything rigorously made in Italy. From the idea to the final products of the collections, everything is conceived to ensure the best of the pottery artistic tradition and the contemporary design made in Italy for the customer.


For this reason, every lamp, ceiling lamp or furnishing accessory is a unique and exclusive piece, created to satisfy the demands of every single customer.


To do what we do, we gave ourselves few rules and only one goal. Each piece produced must satisfy an essential, simple and rigorous criterion: excellence.


Maybe it is for this reason that the owners of a lamp, ceiling lamp or furnishing accessory are proud. Maybe it is for this reason that we are proud of our customers. Because we are both bound with the same passion: the passion for things well done.


PRIVACY  Sarri s.r.l.  Viale Pratese, 101 - 50019 Sesto (FLORENCE) ITALY Cod. Fisc. / Part. IVA: IT00398080481


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